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Welcome to the website that may very well change the way you trade forever. Are you tired of repainting and lagging indicators? Are you tired of indicators that contradict each other? Are you tired of wasting hours and hours of time looking at charts all day long? Are you tired of complex trading systems that require a ton of indicators and rules to understand? If you answered 'Yes' to any of the above questions, then you have come to the right place. We offer a very rare, powerful, and easy way to trade Forex. Yes, easy! Forex trading will actually become easy once you have the ability to predict the market!

FEN Forex Formula

Forex Formula Details

Our trading system has many benefits:

forex_easy_now_icon No contradicting or worthless technical Indicators
forex_easy_now_icon No complicated procedures or difficult trading rules
forex_easy_now_icon Works with any MetaTrader 4 (MT4) broker
forex_easy_now_icon Works with Forex, Stocks and Commodities
forex_easy_now_icon Works on any standard MT4 chart
forex_easy_now_icon Works for Scalping or short term trading
forex_easy_now_icon Works for Intra-day trading or Daytrading
forex_easy_now_icon Works for Swing trading or Long term trading
forex_easy_now_icon Works in any time frame(5+ min. recommended)
forex_easy_now_icon Also has the ability to be used with news trading
forex_easy_now_icon Based on rare mathematical equation Forex formula
forex_easy_now_icon No wasted time sitting in front of the computer
forex_easy_now_icon Easy yet very powerful and accurate
forex_easy_now_icon Less stress!

What you will receive:

forex_easy_now_icon Prediction Formula- An easy trading formula based on a mathematical equation that will give you the ability to predict price moves well in advance down to the exact time!
forex_easy_now_icon Automatic Expert Advisor- Our Metatrader 4 EA called 'FEN EA' that will trade our formula automatically.
forex_easy_now_icon Custom Indicator- Please see our FAQ page for more details about the 'FEN' indicator.
forex_easy_now_icon Detailed Instructions- You will be given clear instructions with trading examples.
forex_easy_now_icon Free Life-Time Support- You will receive fast, professional, and personalized support that will answer any questions you might have. We do not ignore emails or give automated replies.
forex_easy_now_icon Professional Ability- You will learn the skills to trade like a professional and actually be successful. You can make yourself a part of the small group of profitable traders worldwide.
forex_easy_now_icon More Time- You will know how to actually predict when major price movements are going to happen. There will be no more wasted time sitting in front of the computer looking at different charts and indicators. You will know exactly when you will need to place your orders well in advance. The savings in time alone are well worth the cost of getting this formula!
forex_easy_now_icon More Money- There should be no reason why any trader cannot make consistent profits by using our formula!

Latest News

forex_easy_now_icon JANUARY 12, 2015- The next version is being worked on and is expected to be released within weeks. As a reminder, all prior customers are entitled to this update FREE of charge.

forex_easy_now_icon FEBRUARY 14, 2014- Version 1.3 has been released. This was designed for the new MT4 builds 600+. Other improvements have been made also.

forex_easy_now_icon DECEMBER 03, 2013- Our website has been updated with a new payment option 'Bitcoin' and other misc. information.

forex_easy_now_icon NOVEMBER 22, 2013- A new 'screenshots' section has been added to the website.

forex_easy_now_icon NOVEMBER 19, 2013- The special free offer has been ended.

forex_easy_now_icon OCTOBER 11, 2013- FEN EA v1.2 has been released.

forex_easy_now_icon SEPTEMBER 26, 2013- Paypal has been added as a payment option. Anyone paying by Western Union, Money Gram, or Wire Transfer will receive a 10% discount. This is to offset the fees involved in sending these types of payments.

forex_easy_now_icon AUGUST 05, 2013- FEN EA v1.1 and updated instructions have been released.

forex_easy_now_icon JULY 15, 2013- Our product has been updated and relauched. Many updates have been made to the EA, indicator, instructions, and the protection system. If you are a prior customer and have not received an update notification, please let us know so you can receive the updated formula.

forex_easy_now_icon JULY 10, 2013- Our website has been redesigned with new images, layout, and information. So readers of our updated site understand, our newly updated formula will be released starting July 15, 2013. It will not be available until then.

forex_easy_now_icon JANUARY 11, 2012- We are pleased to announce that our formula is offered FREE until further notice. Please read our FAQS page or contact us for more details.

forex_easy_now_icon MAY 01, 2011- A special 35% discount is now available. Please see our PURCHASE page for more details.

forex_easy_now_icon MARCH 14, 2011- The newest updates to our indicator and manuals have been released.

forex_easy_now_icon FEBRUARY 08, 2011- Video examples have been started. Please visit our EXAMPLES page to view the newest video.

forex_easy_now_icon JANUARY 23, 2010- Live viewing of our new automatic EA version 1.0 is now available starting January 24, 2011. Please visit our EXAMPLES page for more details.

forex_easy_now_icon DECEMBER 29, 2010- Our new Automatic EA Version 1.0 has been released. It will be included with all purchases along with our indicator and EA for manual traders.

forex_easy_now_icon OCTOBER 12, 2010- The 25% promotion has ended. Please check back for future promotions.

forex_easy_now_icon SEPTEMBER 20, 2010- New payment options added. Moneybookers, Western Union and Money Gram are now available.

forex_easy_now_icon SEPTEMBER 01, 2010- Beware of fraudulent sellers of our formula, indicator or EA. Our system is only available through our website only! These fraudulent websites are offering either fake, non-functional or old programs and should not be trusted. If you would like to report a website, blog, or forum who you believe is fraudulent or who is infringing on our copyright, please click here.

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